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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Climate Change

The subject of climate change will always bring up its anthropogenic (caused by humans) nature. Skeptics are described as people in denial of this phenomenon. This is entirely wrong. There is a great deal of evidence to support climate change, but little links it to human behaviour. Nothing is mentioned about planet Earth’s orbit or its ever-changing position relative to the Sun.

Precessional behaviour and axial tilt are critical to explain climate change. There can be little argument that mankind’s use of fossil fuels and the production of carbon dioxide does not help, though it is not the cause. To complicate the situation, the increasing human population destroys more and more livestock that must grow in numbers to feed this population. This livestock produces vast volumes of methane. A potent greenhouse gas. It has more than x20 the capacity of CO2 to retain heat.

Claims are often made that planet Earth will become another Venus unless we mend our ways. And that means by paying more to allow polluting the atmosphere and spending a fortune (to somebody) for expensive new technology. It promotes the ideal of the (highly dangerous) nuclear future.

Venus is 40 million km nearer to the Sun than the Earth
The atmosphere is 95% CO2.
Venus is very, very... hot

This should be no surprise


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