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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Mobile Phones And Microwaves

Microwave ovens heat food by a process involving molecular friction: water vibrates at a frequency of around 2.45GHz (2,450,000,000 times a second). Clearly, the choice of frequency is such that microwaves excite the water molecules and create (molecular friction) heat. This is heating food using the water contained within it and does not constitute cooking, but only heating. A microwave oven contains a magnetron. The origins of this tube goes back to 1921 and the development of the Cavity Magnetron onward from 1940 by Randall and Boot through WWII. It produces microwave radiation wavelengths of around 2.45GHz, also described as 2450MHz, which interacts with the molecules in food (water, fats and sugars).

Currently, mobile (cell) phones operate at up to 1900MHz so the obvious concern is the similarity of the mobile phone operating frequency and the frequency of the microwaves that heat water being held near to a fatty mass that contains a large amount of cerebrospinal fluid that contains glucose (a sugar). The brain contains a considerable amount (77-78%) of water.

Mobile Phone Use - A Sponsored Study? 
  • Comment Journal, November 2006
    Mobile phone radiation and health
    Cell phones and health concerns

    The implications and consequential potential for brain cancer should not be underestimated.


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