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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Small bites: 200 - 203

200. Moon libration: this has an obvious origin and is the appearance only of 'wobble'. The distance between the two planets is variable within a lunation of less than 360,000km to over 405,000km. As a consequence, the Moon disc size ranges over 12% and is smaller towards apogee and largest at perigee. Diurnal libration is the result of Earth diameter and rotation (east/west perspective).

201. Vertebrates are warm-blooded with the egg inside the womb as its shell and invertebrates are cold-blooded with the egg outside in a physical shell.

202. In genetics what evidence is there to support the Woolly Mammoth being related to the elephant? It appears nothing more than like comparing a horse with a donkey or a whale with a shark.

203. A planet can be regarded as a parasite by swallowing up everything to become bigger and emptying the space around itself at the same time. Competition is destroyed.


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