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Monday, November 10, 2008


The psychological feeling of hunger and real starvation are different states. The 25 stone obese individual, although maybe feeling hunger, is certainly not like the desperately emaciated 5 stone anorexic. Self imposed starvation (Size Zero) cannot be overlooked either. The only common factor between the three is the psychological influence.

A lack of knowledge is dangerous: a belief that self-imposed starvation with its consequential weight loss is a good thing. It's misguided. The ultra skinny appearance is regarded as fashionable rather than being fatally flawed delusion. The human body needs carbohydrate for activity and any form of life-sustaining exercise, protein for muscle building and maintenance and the repair of tissue. And some fat. The exclusion of fat from any diet is as dangerous as refusing to drink a sufficiency of water.
  • Removing the engine from a car makes the car lighter, but it is effectively dead. The car cannot function.
  • Excluding carbohydrate, protein and fat from a diet may lead to death. This does not take into account the vitamins (vitamin = vital mineral) and micronutrients denied to the body and essential for the maintenance of good health.


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