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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Accelerating Expansion

The presumption that the universe is accelerating. As it moves away (expanding universe). This shows a potential flaw in human thinking: the same 'observations' happen everywhere. It can never be tested that the same 'laws' of physics (or anything else) apply everywhere. It appears that the colour shift (Doppler Effect) of a galaxy shows its state as it moves away. But this is only assuming that everything is the same.


As any concentric circle moves away (outward) the distance between any two waves (boundaries) is not going to be the same. The length (circumference) of any wave as it moves away could remain roughly constant and as the circumference increases, the distance between successive waves as they move away would decrease. Over colossal distances (distal) his can never be tested. Only presumed (speculated).

Duchenne (Muscular Dystrophy)

Embryonic stem cells (ESCs) have been developed into muscle tissue and transplanted into mice bred with the genetic mutation that causes Duchenne muscular dystrophy (muscle wasting). When injected into the mouse bloodstream, they migrated to the diseased tissue to replenish them and improve their function. The possibility of translating this into humans becomes viable.

Nature Magazine


Weirdest Cosmology Theories

Gravity And Distance

How is the gravity of a distant object measured and then verified as being accurate?

The result can only be by an unverifiable inference.

The speed of gravity has now been claimed to be that of light, rather than a (Newtonian) distance dependency. This universal force is thought to be constant.


Heroin And Methadone

Moon Illusion

Body Heat

The whole concept of retaining body heat is a fascinating one. Reptiles are cold-blooded creatures and very rarely exist in cold climates (Siberian newt). They have no way of generating body heat for survival and need warm surroundings: exposure to the heat from The Sun and hibernate in cold winters.

Siberian salamander - deep freeze

Mammalian (human) creatures are warm-blooded and this means they are capable of generating the necessary heat internally for body chemistry to function. When a wind (stream of air) passes over a surface, it removes heat. The use of a coat for humans simply acts as a barrier to retain body heat and slow the loss of warmth from the system.

Warm blooded creatures are all much the same in this respect.

The natural barrier to heat loss for many mammals is hair growth. This also has a major benefit of minimising heat loss by preventing the wind contacting the surface in the first place.