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Thursday, November 26, 2009


Areas like deserts rarely have rain though condensation of water from wet air onto a cold surface at night can produce water droplets. Sand is not a good medium to produce water in this way and as a consequence cold air does not produce water in a desert under normal conditions.


Any moisture in the night or dawn air is quickly lost when the heating by sunlight begins and the air turns dry and a warm, wet atmosphere can support a great deal more water than a cold one. Around 71% of the Earth's surface is sea and constant warming during the day causes a vast amount of evaporation.

The location of these deserts does not intuitively suggest the connection between them, yet there is such a connection and it pertains to the axial tilt of the Earth. Not what it is today, but must have been a very long time ago and be this millions or billions of just a few thousands of years can never be known with any certainty however much the science community would like it.

  • The creationist argument invokes religion and the evolution argument requires the longest time that is speculatively 'acceptable'. The debate between creationism and evolution may well rage on, but actually goes nowhere. It will just descend into more polarised argument with each defending its own. Establishing truth will inevitably be totally impractical if not impossible.

What is not contentious is that evaporation leads to eventual precipitation in some form: rain or snow depends on location temperature and local atmospherics (wind force, pressure). This is cyclical and water will continue to rise and fall endlessly. Until its gets locked up in cement or concrete. Forever. Never to be freed. The irony being that the most essential of essentials for life is systematically being destroyed by those that rely on it. It's not really irony, but simply crass stupidity. Even the greedy need water to survive, though are blinded by their greed. Lethal stupidity.

Another irony exists with the destruction of oil: production of volatile petrol and diesel that produces water as a biproduct along with carbon dioxide upon combustion. The two constituents that would be necessary to produce the oil from carboniferous sources in the first place.

Unusual conditions, attributed to climate change, create the illusion of too much water. A river bursts its banks in one specific region and this can then be 'cherry-picked' as an example to fuel the entire global argument. An argument that is based more in finance than accuracy.


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