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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Fossil Fuels

It has long been promoted that oil is the derivative of biological origin. From a detached viewpoint this does not necessarily follow. Crude oil is a complex mixture of chemical components. Rotting vegetation (allegedly - DA) produces methane and crude oil can be massaged to give methane so suggesting that crude oil could theoretically originate from methane subjected to enormous pressure.

Being carbon-based seems to imply an organic origin. A great deal of hydrogen is present in any complex hydrocarbon.

World Oil - running out
Saudi Arabian Arms Deal

The oil is (allegedly - DA) dwindling fast as consumption escalates and global population continues to grow. Consumption inevitably increases and in totally the wrong direction. The incredible blindness that takes all the unaware towards the precipice is almost complete and the end of the human race is coming closer every day. Dark predictions are paradoxically very clear and bright. They are that obvious. Consumption goes up. Demand goes up. Reserves dwindle. The stupidity of some elements of the human race that rush headlong over the precipice is incredible. It is the selfish attitude of those who thrive on greed that infuriates the most. Everyone living today will die within a few decades or sooner, so what's the real point of such a useless and imbecilic attitude?

It's as though this is a last meal at the trough of greed. For the imbecile who thrives on wealth.

An illusion


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